Aliens and the Impossible Handle

Moesh reviews Mojang’s announcements at the Microsoft 2016 E3 Press Conference and gushes over new possible directions for map making.

Infinite Future

Moesh responds to Cubehamster’s video about the future of Minecraft and plays a short puzzle map.

Neither Is Wrong

Moesh ventures into the world of Pocket Edition custom maps after talking about game studio culture.

The Unforeseen Responses

Moesh tries to relax a bit after last week’s debilitating introduction. He compares a dungeon map by Mithey with a dungeon map by tomaxed. He also brings up a response he received from Monday’s show.

Ideas and Adventurous Time

Moesh describes the purpose behind Green Mug, talks about Mithey’s latest release, and reads some answers to a question he asked last night.