Fishing for Follow-Ups

Moesh expands on his perspective of where maps are getting exposure, then plays two maps by a Green Mug listener!

Lay of the Land

Moesh speaks very quickly as he describes the current state of custom map making in Minecraft, the history of it, and then he runs out of time.

What I Will and Won’t Do

Moesh breaks the supposed fourth wall to ask you what you think about the show so far, and what you’d like to see in the future. He also brings up part of a review for Beyond Perception 2, left by a Dub-Eek-Ender.

By Kids, for Kids

Moesh invites you to have sit down and have a drink with him. He talk’s about Adrian Brightmoore’s comment from Friday’s post, Dub-Eek-Enders, and play’s Herobrine’s Chamber.

Wizard Makers

Moesh takes on a couple of multiplayer minigames in genres he usually avoids: parkour and spleef. It’s a wild ride on Green Mug as Moesh announces Dub-Eek-Enders new format and the first map the club will be playing!

Learning and Clubs

Moesh talks about a great email he receive, a comment left by GnaspGames, and plays Negentropy by Plagiatus.

Missing Link

Moesh comes up with a super-relevant episode title which ties in with everything he talks about: Mizzle III, failed ventures, and getting lost in a game.

Failing Forward and Backtracking

Moesh corrects himself, gushes over the John Carmack some more, and announces a new (and secret) club! Read the entire post for more information!