What I Will and Won’t Do

What I Will and Won't Do

I break the fourth wall I told no one about and talk about the state of Green Mug, what are my goals with the project, and how we’ll be meeting on Tuesday and Saturday from now on. Then I get to the good stuff and read a review from last week’s Dub-Eek-Enders post for Beyond Perception 2.

Then I start rambling about myself, despite saying I wouldn’t do that. Life is strange, you know?


  1. I’ve been really enjoying Green Mug!

    It’s short enough to listen on the go and when you have a moment, you don’t have to find specific time for it. That’s good in a busy life like I have.

    It’s a shame there will be less episodes per week, I’ll miss them. But of course I understand that there are other demands on your time too!

    I’m still hoping to find the time to play this weeks Dub-eek-enders map. Maybe this evening…

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback! It’s all been an experiment, and I’m finding out what’s working for me. ^_^ I’m going to play the map tonight as well.

  2. It’s cool how free form Green Mug is. It’s not as entertaining as Limited Engagement with many guests to bounce off of and tons of pre planned segments, but it does a far better job of being a quick digestible dose of map making ideas and highlights of new maps.

    I’m glad Green Mug is there, without it I don’t think we’d have a place for in-depth discussions about creating things Minecraft without it

    1. Ah wow, thanks! I’ve been thinking about your thoughts about having guests to bounce off. I have another series called Dispensing which I have an episode in a bucket. I’ll work on getting that out in the next week.

  3. I love listening to the show in the background. Stronger topics in the episodes would be beneficial imo. Ex. Storytelling: Let’s look at good storytelling in the community, etc. Then show off the maps that do it well.

  4. I’ve been enjoying it. Sadly I’ve been pressed for time lately, so I’m way behind (as evidenced by the fact that I just now got to this one), and I missed a couple dubeekenders maps.

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