Neither Is Wrong

Neither Is Wrong

I change-up the format just a bit for this episode. We talk about a comment left by CocoaMix86, and play a Minecraft Pocket Edition map on the Windows 10 Edition.


  1. I agree with all your statements made about how level design can be interpreted in many different ways. I’m in the spectrum of a single person team, so any level, environmental, ai, anything else design all falls into one category. If I had a larger team, I could definitely see how one could split up everything into different areas of work to focus on.

    As for Mojang releasing map packs, I think it’s a good idea. It shows people what can be done in the version and may inspire the future map makers of MCPE and Win10 to start making their own things. As long as Mojang properly credits everyone who made the maps, I see no issue in doing such

    1. There’s some big implications that come with Mojang’s releasing map packs. Will they ever release community packs? Will those creators be compensated? How will that work? I’ve been seriously looking into custom PE maps, and they’re quite expansive. It’s impressive how far that part of the community has come with the adventure map experience. I’m looking forward to finding some new and fun stuff.

  2. I really wish Mojang hired mapmakers to create the material for Xbox map packs, it could revitalize the professional map making scene after they basically killed it with their new policy. Otherwise, EH

    1. Although helpful, it seems like they’re mostly going for people who are already mostly involved in the console version for that. Plus, it’d only help builders and maybe resource pack designers (once that feature’s properly released). Mechanics people? Design people? Forget about it. They have one pre-preprogrammed minigame with a few adjustable locations (spawnpoints, chests, etc) that can be placed into any map with ease.

      1. I’d like to believe they have a plan for Command Blocks to be introduced. Meanwhile, there’s still a lot of things which can be done, even without Command Blocks. Mechanics still have a place, but those with glitch and redstone experience will be ahead of the curve.

        1. Retro mapmakers, essentially. The way we used to have to do everything. I think even glitch-and-redstone-based maps should have pistons as a bare minimum, though. Yes, there were maps from before then, but not anywhere near as much variety in them. I’m sure mapmaking in PE will really take off when 0.15 releases.

          I do think that some decent third-party editing/conversion tools would speed things along. Even before we had pistons we could use programs like MCedit and its filters to do things (like manipulate NBT) that we couldn’t do ingame.

          That said, I’m still not ever going to use Windows 10 edition or PE as my main source. I might dabble in it, but when it comes right down to it I make maps for my friends, not for “the biggest audience”, and if my friends don’t use a program (artificially restricted to Windows 10 just to get people to switch, or ridiculous to get maps onto like mobile), then I’m not going to make maps for that program. Plus, making something that was previously available to people to all OSes and saying “Now it’s Win10 exclusive, screw you people who use Linux or Mac or can’t (or won’t) switch to Windows 10!” is just not an ideal answer for me.

          In addition, this doesn’t account for the true sizes of the different demographics. You’re assuming that just because more people play PE, more people play maps in PE, when I very much doubt this is the case (until there’s a decent way to actually play fully custom maps in that version). Keep in mind, the map-playing audience is much smaller than the minecraft-playing audience.

    2. This is my number one wish, as it would mean fantastic content creators may be able to start focusing on their craft full-time instead of having to find other means of income. I’m still considering the full implications of the recent changes to the corporate guidelines. With minigame servers still reeling from EULA, and corporate/EDU organisations unsure of how to proceed, the only major source of income comes from YouTubers/Streamers. This is unfortunate because with larger organisations come better business practices and more freedom.

  3. I think it’s time to start getting into MC windows 10 edition.. Think how cool it would be to make quality adventure map series that could be sold?

    1. This is what I like to hear! I have and always will be a “company man.” I believe Mojang wants the best for us and their game. The future is bright, I’m sure.

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