1. I would have LOVED to join you playing Mizzle III this weekend, but I was without my PC.

    Maybe a bit more time is needed to get a good response? I’ll be giving Mizzle a go tonight.

    Also, why not set a time for everyone to “meet” and discuss Mizzle in a discord audio channel? Then you can record the conversation and use some of the comments without folks having to send you their clips. That might remove the barrier for some folks.

    1. I think that’s a fantastic idea, but I hesitate doing a “live show” since my internet isn’t very stable. I wonder if demonfive would be interested in doing this.

  2. Just played Mizzle III. GREAT map, neat a tidy effects ,animations and mechanics. But the lag spike is killing me, and the story is 50% understandable unless you played Mizzle II and Mizzle.

    1. From what I read in his post, Mizzle III shares only the name and some Easter eggs. What I love most about this map is how it’s clear he started with really solid gameplay, and then built effects on top of it, which I believe is the best way to get things done quick.

  3. I think you should stick with the audio clips idea for now. Maybe give people a full week rather than just the weekend? Friday shows can be clips of the previous week’s map, as well as announcing the next one. Then on Monday and Wednesday, you can give people a little reminder at the end of the show that they still have time to participate.

    1. That’s brilliant, thanks for this idea. I’ll mull this idea over this week and probably start it up on Friday. Also, gotta change that name. “w-EEK-Enders Forever Club” is pretty lame…but then again, what’s wrong with being lame sometimes?

      1. Yeah, I think time was the big setback here. People are sometimes busy, and playing a map completely, writing a proper script for an audio review, that sort of thing usually takes time.

  4. It’s a good thing you mentioned the ineffectiveness of W-Eek-Enders Forever as it is, because I didn’t really understand the scope of this community yet. I actually did fully play Mizzle III and wrote down some of my thoughts on it in a text document, but I wasn’t planning on recording an audio clip or anything about it. The reason being I don’t like showing my voice all that much, and I thought my contribution would’ve been overshadowed by the contributions of others, since reviewing other mapmaker’s maps isn’t something I’ve done at all before.

    However, I do really like the idea of the W-Eek-Enders Forever Club, and would love to participate. I think it would probably be a good idea if we had a discord/skype/team speak group, so that there’s a little more communication going on. Even if we don’t have the live show like Gnasp suggested, I believe it would be really helpful.

    And if you’d still like to do the audio clip review for Mizzle III, just postponed, I could give it a try.

    1. Giving feedback can be daunting at first, especially when you see others give very detailed and intelligent advice. But, you know what? All feedback can be used, even if it is deemed inconsequential. The real value comes from drawing the focus of the map maker to your concern.

      I often get bogged down with the little things, and play testing and feedback is important to bring my focus back to the bigger picture.

      Whether you want to write it or record it, I’d love to know what you think about the map. ☺️

  5. I love getting lost in games. The last one was probably the Beginners Guide. They sucked me in and held me there the whole time.

    1. I completely forgot to comment on the question in this one! It’s about a time I got really involved in a game, right?

      I actually get involved in games really easily. Pretty much the only thing that’ll stop me from getting immersed is external distractions, a poor control scheme, or bugs. I mean, I even managed to get immersed in Undertale. That said, the most immersive game that I still play regularly is Elite: Dangerous, as a combination of the devs being really good at making it immersive (you almost never leave first person view, everything is done in real time, etc) and the extra steps I’ve personally taken to make it immersive (playing in VR, using a joystick, buying a VoiceAttack profile for it, customizing my controls). The combination leads to me completely forgetting that I am, in reality, sitting at a desk in front of a keyboard.

        1. I think the Anaglyph view still works. You could probably get a set of old-fashioned anaglyph glasses for super-cheap. I haven’t had very good results using them, though. If you’re ever in Southern California sometime, feel free to stop by and try out my Oculus with Minecrift. It’s neat.

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