Lay of the Land

Lay of the Land

I talk as fast as I can about the state of custom map making in Minecraft, where we were in 2011-2013 and the big change which happened in 2014, which leads us back to today.


  1. “A lot of mapmakers are being promoted through YouTube.”
    That is, if the YouTubers actually give credit. The major YouTubers usually give a link at the bottom of the description to the map itself, while smaller YouTubers don’t link anything at all.

    1. They also actually PLAY THE MAP. The links help immensely, but don’t forget they also are showcasing the game play for their audience.

    1. You know, I got this same message from the creator of Minecraft Maps, and that’s super-interesting. It wasn’t always this way.

  2. Heh, pokemon go. Seems everyone’s playing that one lately. Especially me.

    I feel like Realms isn’t as useful of a promotional tool as it’s made out to be. I released two very similar maps recently. One was played by Logdotzip, and the other one got on Realms. The second one (which got on realms) has yet to approach the download count of the first one, and that’s just one youtuber. Actually, when the map was accepted to realms, there wasn’t any noticeable increase in download rate over what the map had already gained in its two months of release. It was still great, and I’m happy it happened, but a tool for marketing it ain’t.

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