Fishing for Follow-Ups

Fishing for Follow-Ups

Today, we step back and talk about the lay of the land with custom map making. I follow-up some a response or two from the Lay of the Land episode from Monday, then play two maps from a Green Mug listeners, Kris Madas and MrjvsMC, whom I refer to as being the same person as Kris Madas because I’m dumb.

Sorry MrjvsMC. 🙁


  1. Every good Green Mug ep.!
    So, as far as I consider the map making community the minimum requirements of the players have changed a lot recently, you need to surprise the player again and again in your map for the player to be able to play and enjoy it.
    I love updates to the game, like everyone does. People wanting to play on the newest version (currently 1.10) and doesn’t understand there is good maps in other versions and it makes me sad to see it happening.

  2. Hey moesh,
    Today you talked about 2 maps by kris madas. It was fun to listen to but 1 thing bothered me.
    One of the maps was by me. And I am not kris madas.

    Thank you anyway for your feedback. It was really nice to hear nice things about my map and how you enjoyed it.

    I just have 1 more question. Did you encounter bugs while playing the Stanley parable.


      The Stanley Parable was amazing. Sorry, I shouldn’t record these in the morning *yawn* without double-checking all my stuff. 🙁

      >< IAMSOSORRY Anyways. It was great. I really enjoyed it, truly. I couldn't find any bugs (and I went looking for a bit, just to see). I wasn't really sure what doors I could open, which I think the original mod solved by removing door handles from those ones...but it's hard still. 🙂 Sorry MrjvsMC, I really am. It was my mistake for not double-checking my stuff this morning. (Really amazing)

      1. No need to say sorry, everybody makes mistakes.

        I really liked how you said that is was a huge step forward because it feels like playing the Stanley parable.
        I just wanted to thank you again for giving a boost of motivation.

        (And yes, I did use the game audio files. I got permission to use these by the lead-designed of the original game Davey Wreden , which is awesome)

  3. Hey Moesh!

    As you already know, I didn’t make both maps you mentioned today, just Fishing For Gold. However, I’ve very glad you enjoyed my map.

    About the question of where most players discover maps, I believe that YouTubers play a huge role. I’ve noticed that when more YouTubers play my maps, that map receives more downloads than had they not played them. Just look at Terra Swoop Force. When every MC YouTuber plays a map and titles the video “Best MC Map EVER”, people are more likely to give it a try themselves.

    About, I completely agree that the community (players and makers) have shifted from the forums. For instance, I posted Fishing For Gold on both minecraftmaps and Planet Minecraft at the same time. The map on Planet MC received less than 50 downloads while the map on minecraftmaps received thousands, still growing.

    And about the amount of players who actually know how to install maps is very low. Some of myIRL friends who play the game as much as I do still don’t know how to install maps. I hope that this changes in the future.

    1. I sincerely hope this does as well. As much as I’d like to believe people don’t get maps from YouTubers, I feel like it’s still a huge market and promotion for our stuff. And map makers really DO need an installer for stuff.

  4. I think you’ve heard me say it before, but I really think we need an easier way for people to install maps.

    It’s not that hard on windows using 7zip to create our own installers that self extract into the .minecraft/saves folder – but that doesn’t control much. If someone with the time to do so built an installer that could be used to specify the MC version (by also installing a specific launcher profile) that would be awesome!

    1. I will try to program something in the next few days. (Keep in mind I said: try. I am not great at making programs). Probably using java

      1. Little bit about mechanics: since 1.9 there is a nbt tag in level.dat that gives the version of the map.
        After extracting the map. The program checks if it has actually extracted right. And then checks the nbt of the version. And somehow launches Minecraft in that version.

  5. I made an installer for maps. after I made it. I saw that one of your friends made one too. but decided to share it anyways.

    – made in java. so linux, mac and windows are supported.
    – can look for the map 3 folders deep
    so if your zip looks like this:
    – folder:
    – folder:
    -map folder
    It can still find it in the zip.
    – will tell you what the name of the map is and what version it should be played on. (version fetched from level.dat nbt)
    – all files that are not the map will be removed. (like: readme.txt, icon.png. somerandomlink.url)

    todo list:
    – launch minecraft on that version or make a profile with that version.
    – drag and drop zip onto the button.

    here is a video of how it works:

    I was bored so I made it.

        1. I talked a little with gnasp about it on Twitter. I am going to make a map package maker next.

          Map makers can create an installer for their maps with custom settings.
          (Installer will be 1 file, 1-click install)

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