By Kids, for Kids

By Kids, for Kids

I play someone’s first map for the first time in a long time, update you on my progress in Mizzle III, and talk about Adrian Brightmoore’s comment from Friday’s episode.


      1. I would but since the playtesters had some problems with playing the map. It will take 24 hours to fix the problem. I will give you the link ASAP.

          1. Hey, I don’t want to come over as pushy. But have you maybe forgotten? It’s just a yes or no questions. No hard feelings. I am asking because last time i tweeted and you lost it.

            It’s hard to explain how you feel in text.

          2. ^_^ I didn’t mean to leave you hanging! I was planning to talk about your map next week, if that’s cool with you. 🙂

  1. Hm. As far as Minecraft goes, my first really working prototype was… well, I guess it’d technically be a map I made way back in classic mode. It was on an old Myne-based server I used to run, and it used falling sand and water flow to do basic interaction mechanics. I had to use a teleport plugin to simulate the doors. Never released, but codewarrior recently helped me get the old save file working on modern Minecraft. Turns out Myne level formats aren’t really well-supported by converters.

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