Season 1, Episode 5 – “Built for All Ages”

This week on Limited Engagement, we talk about greek yogurt, discuss the finer points of HATS in Minecraft. We are joined by Kupo for our roundtable discussion concerning target audiences, promotion, and networking.

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Hosts: Moesh, nickflame20, MaxSizeis, and neonerZ
Time: Saturday, July 26th, 2014 at 1pm EST
Music: Ramen Remix by Michael Aranda
Image: Render by ApexGamester


  • 00:01:07 – Introduction
  • 00:01:31 – Moesh’s editorial
  • 00:02:10 – Host introductions

Response from Community Challenge

Note: Take a moment to check out the maps by downloading them below.

From the Mouth of Mojang

Media Updates

Map Releases

Roundtable Discussion

  • 01:19:25 – We are joined by Kupo, who is simple one of the best map makers working today. We talk about target audiences, comedy maps, networking, and promotion.


  • 02:04:00 – Community Challenge: Write three sentences to promote your map. These sentences should create hype, get players to play your map, and build suspense.
  • 02:05:33 – Closing words


  1. RaZe is a Minecraft MOBA experience with cutting edge aesthetical design. Specialized classes, with immersed sounds. Level up your abilities, figure out your perfect ‘build’ and craft your own experience.

    Btw, RaZe has been in development for almost 5 months and only 3 of those months, I’ve had the presence of a build team. The Arena is coming along nicely so you’ll have your play soon.

  2. Already listened to it live, but wanted to say how happy I was for a bit of a smaller community challenge this week, gives me a chance to finish (hopefully) last 2 week’s challenges, and this one. 🙂

  3. Tired of all the pvp maps that mostly all just use the same mechanics, but just a diffrent map? Ever wanted to play something else like Capture the Flag or Infected? This is your chance! CustomCombat can be played with 10 diffrent gametypes, not even speaking of the number of diffrent maps! You will never have problems with weird GameTimers as you can customise it all! Watch the progress or take part via Twitch!

  4. Community Challenge Entry:
    You need challenges to get you into Minecraft again and did like “Captive Minecraft”? Then this is the right thing for you! Play hardcore Minecraft with the goal to earn more health as you earn more achievements. Can you beat the game? Watch the Trailer now!

  5. Would you want an adventure where your choices during the game will change how the story plays out? Well too bad! Because that’s what you get with the new map Tagger.
    The goal of the adventure is to tag as many buildings as you can with your mark without being caught by the police or anyone you may have previously wronged (pretty much everyone).
    You say you want to play this right now? Well too bad, because I haven’t even placed a single block of it yet! But stay tuned anyways because I may start development at any time!

  6. Community Challenge:
    Simburbia is a mod free, complex, city simulation system for Vanilla Minecraft. You’re the mayor and have full control over your citizens, will you be one of the good ones? Who know’s what you’ll find in the city YOU make… or what disasters will plague it.

  7. The problem with Health Quest vs Captive Minecraft is that Captive minecraft is kinda like candybox, where as you wait, or grind, to get access to new stuff. Health Quest removes the entire purpose of Captive Minecraft, to just make it a bit harder. AKA not fun.

  8. I don’t agree maps can’t get momentum without YouTubers. Like, I just posted my map on the forums, had the worst thread ever (spoilered screenshots, saying it was my first map and I came close to deleting it since I thought it was bad, stuff like that), and…. it got quite some attention, even without the LPers.

    The problem is that there is quite some crap out there. We need, just like steam does, some sort of rating on maps, and being able to find the best rated map, not the most popular ones. But that’s my thought.

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