Season 1, Episode 1 – “We Want To Help”

The inaugrial episode of Limited Engagement. We discuss why we are making this show, check out media releases from Jigarbov, Minedaft, and the Gravity Gun Testing Chamber by POSSiBLY_REALiTY!

Hosts: Moesh, nickflame20, MaxSizeis, and neonerZ
Time: Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at 1pm EST
Music: Ramen Remix by Michael Aranda


  • 00:01:06 – Editorial from Moesh
  • 00:03:38 – Introductions
  • 00:04:08 – From the Mouth of Mojang

Media Releases and Updates

Map Releases

Each map release with an album of screenshots taken by us.

Roundtable Discussion

  • 01:26:25 – What makes a map Minecraft-y?
  • 01:43:24 – Where are the re-playable Minecraft maps?


  • 01:53:00 – Ending words


  1. This was really well done, and I’ve definitely a fan of the hard work you guys have put into your own projects and the final products you have put out. I personally love how polished and smooth Calamity 4 has been when I’ve played it. I’m looking forward to next shows, and thank you for starting this series! Very inspiring and constructive criticism in this show.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Calamity 4 was a great project for me, and I’m very proud of how Limited Engagement is coming along.

  2. Thank you guys for your criticism on my maps. I’ll definitely try harder on my next maps.

    The Sky Painters map was created for 14w21b because the later snapshots slowed down redstone ticks. If you played in 14w21b, then I have no idea why the blocks didn’t keep spawning instantly below you. When I tested it, I could go at running speed with no problem

    1. We’re looking forward to playing your map for this upcoming week! Sky lighting updates would be the cause of your recalculations…I’m willing to bet it is a efficiency issue.

  3. Thank you for reviewing my map. I’m sorry if I didn’t do a good job. Damn, I should’ve worked much more harder on my map. I had very limited time to make the map because I was so busy, and I didn’t want to end up pulling my hair out. Thank you again for giving me feedback, I will hopefully correct my mistakes whenever I make the second map. Thanks again.

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