Community Challenge – August 2, 2015

Welcome to Challenges!

This section is for a weekly prompt in map making!

Join in by creating small levels with a start, middle, and end.



Choose one new feature from the Minecraft 1.9 snapshots, use it at the main mechanic for your map. Aim to have game play 2-3 minutes. Or not, we’re not the boss of you.


  • Skulker mob
  • NBT Tag: Glowing:1b
  • Levitation effect
  • Teleportation portal
  • Dead bush


  • Spy vs spy
  • End of world apocalypse
  • Dawn of civilization
  • Neighborhood streets

Submit your map by leaving a comment below!


  1. Hey, I’m working fast as I can to finish in time. Is 8pm too late to submit? I can try to have it done sooner, I’ll do my best!

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