Community Challenge – July 12, 2015

Welcome to Challenges!

This section is for a weekly prompt in map making!

Join in by creating small levels with a start, middle, and end.


Go to your Skype contact, your Twitter feeds, and your other social media.

Choose four people.

Obtain an answer for each of the following questions from each different person.

  • I’m making a map. What is a good theme for it?
  • I’m making a map. What should the primary weapon be?
  • I’m making a map. What is a good thing to fight?
  • I’m making a map. What do you think is a good objective?

Take these ideas and create a map OR outline for a map which incorporates all of these different ideas.


  • Theme: “Advertising”
  • Primary weapon: “Crayons”
  • Thing to fight: “Hotdog vender”
  • Objective: “Fight your parking ticket”

The player must create an ad fighting a small town parking ticket while constantly fending off hot dog vendors. Plaster the ad every all over town to flood the courthouse with angry people on the day of your trial for mischief.

Submit your map by leaving a comment below!

This prompt will run for two weeks, as it is far more involved!


    1. Ask each different person a question–the goal here is to get as many different ideas as possible and try to make them work.

  1. This is going to generate a lot of odd maps,but the hard part will be trying to figure out a way to combine the different answers.

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