Community Challenge – July 5, 2015

Welcome to Challenges!

This section is for a weekly prompt in map making!

Join in by creating small levels with a start, middle, and end.


Create a map which you can replay without loading the world. Players should be able to compare scores from previous time (or times) they’ve played through. Make the map as creepy as possible!


  • Run down this hallway quickly before the boogieman catches you
  • Craft these items before darkness overtakes you (how many can you craft before its over?)


Create a map using one of these themes, or come up with your own:

  • Creepy hospital
  • Woods at night
  • Empty city street

Submit your map by leaving a comment below!


  1. Am I just not seeing something or does it say when the submissions are due somewhere? (Or is there not a due date?)

    1. There’s no due date, you can send in a response to any challenge at any time!

  2. Here is my Community challenge submission for this week. Now it was a bit rushed towards the end because I need my beauty sleep but nonetheless it’s still functional. Anyway, usual rules apply (1.8.7, Dont break the map etc.)

    Have fun! –

    Read this part after you have played –

    So for this one I saw the requirements and I thought the scoring wouldnt fit for anything except a minigame. I wanted the player to be able to explore and find different things, so I replaced the “Score” with “Experiences”. Throughout the map you would have found different little areas with strange goings on, these are the experiences (Did you find them all) Anyway, I thought about it for a while and I realised that this was a good idea since people could discuss and compare the experiences that they had with eachother, rather than just a score which you both experienced the same thing to get and if someone else finds something you didnt it would intrigue the player into returning to the map to find what others did. As Datenagassie pointed out, it is very similar to the style of The Stanley Parable. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and I hope I didn’t butcher the explanation too much. o/

  3. So sorry but my challenge won’t be ready in time for this week’s show. But it will be done by next week! Not giving up!

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