Here’s what we know about structure blocks in 1.10.

Mapmakers rejoice! This morning, Jeb_ tweeted the above image, announcing that Searge has been working on making the “Structure Block” usable by mapmakers in 1.10. The Structure Block was added to the game’s code in 1.9, but were unusable by anyone other than Mojang developers. Structure Blocks are used to access external files to load… Continue reading Here’s what we know about structure blocks in 1.10.

Dispensing (005): GamerGuppy

GamerGuppy and I discuss the potential rise of ray casting in Minecraft 1.9 maps. We also touch on why mechanics should begin developing tools for game designers to use. Activation and Data Values Hosts: Moesh Guest: GamerGuppy Recorded: March 5, 2016 at 12:41PM AST Music: Sectopod by Michael Aranda Tell Me More Dispensing is an… Continue reading Dispensing (005): GamerGuppy

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Dispensing (004): Panguino

Dispensing is an impromptu podcast series where Moesh and other prominent members of the Minecraft game development community discuss various aspects of Minecraft, its community, and the art of making games with Minecraft. Panguino and I discuss working with someone with a visual impairment, repeating patterns, and paradigms in video games. According to the online… Continue reading Dispensing (004): Panguino

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Season 2, Episode 9: Marc IN REAL LIFE

This week we have Marc Watson of Mojang on to talk about Realms, we also dive into the implications of some pretty major CommandBlock and combat changes in this week’s 1.9 snapshots.

Season 2, Episode 8: The Bad Idea

In this episode of Limited Engagement, we do a mock conversation on developing a new map concept and flushing out it’s mechanics.

We go from the “bad idea” (the pitch), work it into a concept, then flesh out the details on how the game would work, the mechanics and the “first 5 minutes”

Season 2, Episode 6: “Improv with Max”

Limited Engagement improvises an entire episode with special guest MaxSizeis ! We talk about the ton of new features for Minecraft 1.9, and play a game where we pitch a game based on the new features